The Darkness Within

The Adventure Begins

How Boy Gets the Party Arrested

Our party met one fine fall day in the mountain village of Alden upon Aiden during the annual harvest festival. As the party was winding down, our adventurers headed back to the town’s inn; only to be surprised by the cries for help from Kaisha, the town elder’s daughter.

Responding to Kaisha’s requests, the group notices a group of kobolds ransacking the offices of the town hall. Without pausing to make a strategy against the kobold invasion, the group immediately clicked as a team! Lyra, the scout; Boy, the teenage druid; and Boy’s wolf, Wolf cleared the jail cells while Brian, the fighter; and Atreya, the halfling druid chased the kobolds from the offices.

Brian distinguished himself by failing to notice four kobolds before they attacked him, but managed to fell several of them before the last kobold tried to flee out of a second-floor window.

Catching up with the already-injured kobold, Boy quickly knocked him unconscious before it could escape. After stabilizing and binding the hooligan, the party had Kaisha restore him to consciousness. Boy immediately began to interrogate the prisoner, demanding to know why the kobold was there and what they were searching for. After a series of not so veiled threats, the kobold, Smoot, revealed that they were there under orders of their Master, a big, scaly, winged critter, to find maps of some sort.

After extracting all the information they could out of Smoot, Brian released him into the woods; and Jarrod, the town elder, revealed that he did have secret maps of an ancient temple complex. He requested that the party take these maps into the Magistrate in Mesa Rurik, the county seat, for safekeeping. He also requested that they bring back a militia detachment in case of another kobold attack.

The party agreed, and being a party of travelers and druids, they decided to take the short route to Mesa Rurik via cross-country. They were awakened in the middle of the night by a couple of bears making tracks towards Brian’s backpack. It seemed he had not covered the scent of his meat well enough, and had attracted some hungry customers. Boy and Atreya grunted and gesticulated at the bears; and after eating all of Brian’s meat and cheese, the bears left peacefully.

The next evening, the party made camp just outside of Mesa Rurik, only to be visited once again by bears. Only there were three of them this time. Boy and Atreya used their druidic ways to explain to the bears that Brian was out of food, but there was a freshwater stream teeming with fish a few miles back…

The next morning the group of adventurers marched into the Magistrate’s office, only to be informed that Magister Kenric was not accepting visitors at that time. Fifteen minutes later, (after having to explain to Boy the finer points of discharging bodily waste in civilized areas) Atreya was informed that the magistrate STILL wasn’t accepting visitors. Finally taking the hint, the party decided to go for a quick swim to clean up before meeting with someone of importance.

On the way back into town, Boy was approached by a priest of the Red Temple, Mitch, who offered Boy a job. Wolf took offense to the Mitch’s proposition and bared his teeth. In response, Mad Dawg (Mitch’s bodyguard) bared his “teeth” as well. Seeing her charge about to make another urban faux paus, Atreya stepped in to “clarify” what Mitch was asking. While she did that, Boy summoned another wolf and ordered Wolf to charge Mad Dawg. After a brief combat, the town watch was summoned and the party was charged with assaulting a High Priest of the Red Temple.

Finally dragged before the Magistrate, the party plead diplomatic immunity, delivered their maps and left for Alden upon Aiden. Shortly after dawn the next day, the Mitch, Mad Dawg, and four thugs approached the party saying they had some “unfinished business” with Boy and his Wolf.

After a brief and bloody combat our adventurers finished their business with Mitch and Mad Dawg’s bodies being tossed over a cliff. The party took a couple days refuge in the wilderness to lick their wounds, (their new bear friends helpfully brought some salmon while Atreya, Wolf, and Ambrose rested in the triage tent).

Finally, our group approached Alden upon Aiden shortly after dusk; only to see the village in flames…



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