Rise of Dragons and Dragon Wars

Even as the non-draconic life was forming and re-forming their petty versions of kingdoms and empires, the mighty dragons were growing in age, size, and strength.

At first, there was a peace between dragons and other creatures. Dragons viewed other races as curious and quaint; other races viewed dragons as big, dangerous, and things best kept friendly! Some dragons kept to themselves, and some made allies with other races as they saw fit. Indeed, many battles fought against the Elven Empire had dragons patrolling the skies from either side.

For a long, long time, dragons tended to avoid dragons of other types. The chromatics and the metallics had more than ample room in the world to give each other a wide berth. However, as with the way of all creatures, every spring brought more and more drakes. It was only a matter of time before territories began to overlap.

No one knows for certain how the war got started, or over what offence: The Gold Dragons say if was because a wing of reds destroyed and desecrated one of their sacred nesting sites. The Red Dragons insist that it was the Golds that declared a crusade against them for no real reason. Either way, a genocidal war broke out. Under the leadership of the great-wyrm Riikano-alinaris, most powerful gold dragons, the entire race of Metallic dragons sought to destroy every evil dragon in existence.

The Chromatics returned in kind, calling Syzdothyx their Matriarch. Even though she was caught off guard by the ferocity and tenacity of the Metallic Crusade, this very ancient, and very crafty Red was able to lead her kind to making key victories.

Even as the dragons tore into each other, they called upon the ancient alliances that were made with other races. Unable to say no, the non-draconic races formed battle lines against each other and against the dragons. As the years of conflict raged on, the fires of war threatened to engulf the abodes of the gods themselves.

With this thought, they gathered together and debated what to do. In a stunning display on solidarity, the gods descended from their realms and pooled their magics to create a burning desire in all drakes to end their conflict once and for all. In a mass exodus, flight after flight of all manner of dragons migrated over the mountains in the north. Only those too young to fly were left behind to be slaughtered by races tired of the warring dragons.

Those that lived in the mountains of the north told tales of dragons falling out of the sky, dead from exhaustion. They spoke of ash and brimstone raining from the heavens when the wind blew south. They told tales of fantastic displays of light and horrific quakes of land originating in the land beyond the mountains. It is not known what exactly happened, for it seems as though the gods themselves prevent any travelers from traversing the Northern Range.

What is known is that no dragon has been recorded being seen in living memory…

History of the World Part I

Rise of Dragons and Dragon Wars

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